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We can assist you with

> customized, definitive QT study design
> biostatistical/scientific analysis as a basis for design recommendations and data analysis (including sample size calculations)
> advanced measurement methodology (new ECG parameter that in the future may be used as add-ons or alternative to QT interval evaluation)
> biostatistical analysis of completed studies
> expert reports for regulatory submission

ECG Education and Training

> ExCard Research has organized several workshops focusing on ECG interpretation, mechanisms of arrhythmogenesis recent regulatory requirements with respect to the QT issue
> We may also supply training courses for nurses and physicians using our services as part of a clinical trial.




> ECG data acquisition and analysis in compliance with CPMP and ICH-E14 requirements
> Complete service package for 12-lead Holter electrocardiography, including equipment rental, logistics and analysis
> ECG consultancy

ECG project management

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